Characters Of The Zodiac: Sagittarius

Sagittarius is the sign that is present from 23rd November to 22nd December. This sign is influenced by the element of fire, which offers him a quite energetic character.


But, if you want to know more about the nature of this sign, there are other aspects that are important and you also need to know.

Nature of the Sign of Sagittarius

The fire and the planet Jupiter have a major influence on Sagittarius and offer the sign its active, entrepreneur and direct character. It has to be mentioned that Sagittarius is also a free spirit that seeks the big things and that does it openly.

But, how is Sagittarius really? Concerning this question, you need to know the following answers:

-          The behavior of Sagittarius is unpredictable and it has to be clear about it that it hates routine. Because of this, we have to have clear that all the situations and the spaces that are presented to these people as a routine will not be their favorite.

-          However, Sagittarius is unquiet. It loves experimenting new emotions at all times as well as to know and enjoy different surroundings.

-          People who are under the power of Sagittarius are lovers of sports, mainly adventure and risk sports. It is a sign that even when it is influenced by fire, it has a taste for freedom, the same that we can find in the signs of air. They love to have a lot of fun.

-          Sagittarius people look for situations of adventure as well as relating to dynamic people.

-          Its humor, influenced by fire, can be really strong but, generally, they are people that have good energy and that they transmit it to other people close to them.

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